Safety, Housing, Education &  
Homelessness Committee  
Wednesday, February 7, 2024, 10:30 AM  
Cathy Reynolds City Council Chamber  
1437 Bannock Street, Room 450  
Chair: Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez, Vice Chair Sarah Parady  
Members: Kevin Flynn, Stacie Gilmore, Amanda Sawyer, Jamie Torres, Darrell Watson  
Staff: Anne Wallace  
Denver Police Department Audit Response and Strategic  
Phil Gonshak and Elisa Di Trolio, Department of Safety  
Action Items  
Approves the loan agreement with MHV Partners LLLP for  
$4,080,000 to assist with the development and  
construction of one hundred two (102) affordable  
multi-family dwelling units, which will be known as The  
Irving at Mile High Vista, in Council District 3  
Laura Allen-Hatcher, Department of Housing Stability  
Consent Items  
Approves a contract with HopSkipDrive, Inc. $1,500,000  
and a three-year term ending on 12-31-2026 to provide  
safe door-to-door transportation services for  
children/youth involved with or receiving services from  
DHS, citywide (SOCSV-202371713-00).  
Amends an agreement with Habitat for Humanity of Metro  
Denver Inc. to extend the term to 6-30-2024 to allow for  
the acquisition and sale of single-family units to low and  
moderate income households, citywide. No change in  
cost. (HOST-202472113-02).  
Amends a grant agreement with Habitat for Humanity of  
Metro Denver, Inc. to extend the term date 1 year to  
3-31-2025 to continue to build affordable homes for sale,  
in Council District 3 (HOST 202266092/HOST  
Amends a grant agreement with the Housing Authority of  
the City and County of Denver, Colorado to extend the  
term by 1 year for a new end term of 3-31-2025 to  
continue developing affordable housing and accessory  
dwelling units, citywide. No change in cost (HOST  
202266093/HOST 202371410-01).  
Amends a purchase order with Colorado Hospitality  
Services Inc. to add $475,000 for a new total of  
$925,000 for the purchase of meals for guests at migrant  
shelters, citywide (PO-00141469).