Business, Arts, Workforce,  
Climate & Aviation Services  
Wednesday, May 1, 2024, 1:30 PM  
City & County Building, Council Committee Room, Room 391  
1437 Bannock Street  
Chair: Chris Hinds, Vice Chair Diana Romero Campbell  
Members: Kevin Flynn, Stacie Gilmore, Shontel M. Lewis, Sarah Parady, Jamie Torres  
Staff: Melissa Mata  
Committee canceled. Consent agenda included.  
Consent Items  
Amends a contract with Coffman Engineers, Inc. to  
correct the contract terms of the original contract to begin  
01-01-2025 for required fire code smoke control testing  
services at Denver International Airport, in Council  
district 11. No changes to the scope, total term, or  
amount. (PLANE-202368643/PLANE-202473073)  
Approves a Master Purchase Order with Vectors, Inc. for  
$500,000 and two years plus 3 one year renewal options  
for a ending date of 2-14-2029, for the purchase of  
Trimble Access Annual License Renewal, Trimble Business  
Center Annual License Renewal, hardware and software  
warrantees, replacement of aging land surveying  
equipment, upgrades to current available technologies,  
and technical support at Denver International Airport, in  
Council District 11. (SC-00009062)