Land Use, Transportation &  
Infrastructure Committee  
Tuesday, May 14, 2024, 1:30 PM  
Cathy Reynolds City Council Chamber  
1437 Bannock Street, Room 450  
Chair: Amanda P. Sandoval, Vice-chair: Darrell Watson  
Members: Flor Alvidrez, Diana Romero Campbell, Chris Hinds, Paul Kashmann, Jamie Torres  
Staff: Luke Palmisano  
Action Items  
Approves a map amendment to rezone multiple properties  
from G-MU-5, UO-3; G-MU-5; E-SU-D1x; E-MX-2; and  
E-SU-D1x to C-MX-8; U-TU-C; and E-MS-3, DO-8 located  
in the West Colfax, Villa Park, and Barnum  
neighborhoods, in Council District 3.  
Libbie Glick, Community Planning and Development  
Solid Waste Management Expanded Waste Services  
Richard Villa, Department of Transportation and  
Infrastructure; Joshua Salazar, Department of  
Transportation and Infrastructure; Nina Waysdorf,  
Department of Transportation and Infrastructure  
Consent Items  
Approves a purchase order with Front Range Fire  
Apparatus for $3,791,553 for the purchase of a Pierce  
Velocity Pumper, a Pierce Velocity Aerial Stick 107' Fire  
Apparatus, and a Pierce Velocity 2Dr Walk-in Dive Rescue  
Fire Apparatus for the Denver Fire Department, citywide  
Approves a contract with Insituform Technologies, LLC  
for $5,388,007.60 and a 1 year term for rehabilitation of  
sanitary pipes and manholes, citywide (202472629).  
Approves a request to connect a property outside of City  
limits, located at 5270 North Fox Street, to Denver public  
sanitary mains, per DRMC Sec. 56-97.  
Dedicates a City-owned parcel of land as Public  
Right-of-Way as Public Alley, bounded by North Cherokee  
Street, West 45th Avenue, North Delaware Street, and  
West 44th Avenue, in Council District 9.  
Amends a contract with Kraemer North America, LLC to  
add $26,645,482.58 for a new total of $44,898,019.27  
and 715 additional days for a new total of 985 days for  
the Broadway Station and I-25 safety and access  
improvements project, in Council District 7