Land Use, Transportation &  
Infrastructure Committee  
Tuesday, June 4, 2024, 1:30 PM  
City & County Building, Council Committee Room, Room 391  
1437 Bannock Street  
Chair: Amanda P. Sandoval, Vice-chair: Darrell Watson  
Members: Flor Alvidrez, Diana Romero Campbell, Chris Hinds, Paul Kashmann, Jamie Torres  
Staff: Luke Palmisano  
Action Items  
Approves a map amendment to rezone property at  
3821-3897 Steele Street and 3800-3840 York Street from  
PUD-G 32; I-1, UO-2 WVRS; 1-0VRS and conditions to  
I-MX-5, PUD-G 35, in Council District 9.  
Chelsea Bennouna, Community Planning & Development  
Amending Division 5, Article VI of Chapter 49 of the  
Revised Municipal Code, delaying the effective date of the  
Sidewalk Program and Sidewalk Fund.  
Council members Sandoval, Flynn, and Kashmann  
Consent Items  
Approves a map amendment changing the zoning of  
properties located at 1896 South Humboldt Street, 2009  
South Humboldt Street, 1918 South Franklin Street, 1930  
South Franklin Street, 1936 South Franklin Street, 1961  
South Franklin Street, 2063 South Franklin Street, 1929  
South Gilpin Street, 1935 South Gilpin Street from  
U-SU-C to U-SU-C1 in Council District 6.  
Approves a purchase order with Hardline Equipment, LLC  
for $819,000 for the purchase of a 2024 Dennis Eagle  
Proview RH Drive Cab & Chassis with AMREP Automated  
Side Loader, and a 2023 Dennis Eagle Proview Dual  
Drive, Cab & Chassis with AMREP Automated Side Loader  
for the Denver Solid Waste Management, citywide  
Approves a grant agreement with the Department of  
Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for $750,000  
with an ending date of 8-31-2031 as part of the 16th  
Street Mall revitalization focusing on safety, mobility, and  
infrastructure, in Council District 10 (DOTI-202370702).  
Amends a purchase order with Environmental Design  
Inc., by adding $231,083.20 for a new total of  
$2,325,363.20 and one year for a new end date of  
1-31-2025, for the extended maintenance of trees for the  
16th Street Mall Design-Build Project and downtown area,  
and additional planning time for beneficial reuse of  
surplus trees, in Council District 10 (PO-00076190).  
Approves a contract with TechCon Infrastructure, LLC for  
$793,800 and 180 days to construct ADA compliant curb  
ramps and intersection median island at 35th and Holly,  
35th and Kearney, 35th and Jasmine and 36th and  
Jasmine as part of the Smith Elementary Safe Routes to  
Scholl Intersection Improvement Project, in Council  
District 8 (202371211).  
Dedicates three parcels of land as public right-of-way as  
1) East 40th Avenue, located at the intersection of North  
High Street and East 40th Avenue, 2) Public Alley,  
bounded by North High Stret, East 40th Avenue, North  
Williams Street, and East 39th Avenue, and 3) Public  
Alley, bounded by North High Street, East 40th Avenue,  
North Williams Street and East 39th Avenue, in Council  
District 9.  
Approves Pena Station Filing No. 7, a proposed  
Subdivision Plat located between East 62nd Avenue and  
East 64th Avenue, and North Yampa Street and North  
Tower Road, in Council District 11.  
Approves a contract with Silva Construction, Inc. for  
$2,630,045 and 200 days for ADA ramp & concrete  
repair, citywide (202472628).