Land Use, Transportation &  
Infrastructure Committee  
Tuesday, July 9, 2024, 1:30 PM  
City & County Building, Council Committee Room, Room 391  
1437 Bannock Street  
Chair: Amanda P. Sandoval, Vice-chair: Darrell Watson  
Members: Flor Alvidrez, Diana Romero Campbell, Chris Hinds, Paul Kashmann, Jamie Torres  
Staff: Luke Palmisano  
Action Items  
A bill for an ordinance changing the zoning classification  
for 4340-4350 South Monaco Street in Southmoor Park.  
Approves an map amendment to change the zoning of the  
property located at 4340-4350 S Monaco Street from B-4  
with waivers and conditions UO-1, UO-2 to PUD-G 34 in  
the Southmoor Park Neighborhood, in Council District 4.  
The Committee approved filing this item at its meeting on  
Edson Ibanez, Community Planning and Development  
Approves a map amendment to rezone property from  
B-A-3 and O-1 to S-M-5, located at 3801 East Florida  
Avenue located in Council District 6.  
Alisa Childress, Community Planning and Development  
Consent Items  
Approves a grant agreement with Great Outdoors Colorado  
(GOCO) for $500,000 and an end date of 3-31-2026 for  
improvements at the Bluff Lake Nature Center including  
reworking the refuge entrance and integrating a  
universally accessible pathway connecting the upper and  
lower level of the space, in Council District 8.  
Dedicates a parcel of land as public right-of-way as public  
alley, bounded by East Arizona Avenue, South York Street,  
East Mississippi Avenue, and South Gaylord Street, in  
Council District 6.  
Dedicates a parcel of land as public right-of way as public  
alley, bounded by East 3rd Avenue, North Fillmore Street,  
East 2nd Avenue, and North Milwaukee Street, in Council  
District 5.  
Dedicates a parcel of land as public right-of-way as West  
11th Avenue, located near the intersection of West 11th  
Avenue and North Xavier Street, in Council District 3.  
Approves revoking Ordinance No. 878, Series of 2001 that  
granted a revocable Permit ot Peerless Apartments, LLC.,  
their successors and assigns, to encroach into the  
right-of-way with various items into the alley lying  
between 24th Street, Park Avenue West, Champs Street,  
and Curtis Street in Block 115, Stile Addition to Denver, in  
Council District 9.  
Amends a contract with Northeast Transportation  
Connections (NETC) for $341,019.96 for a new total of  
$3,504,820.71 o ensure service in a neighborhood transit  
service plot through the end o 2024, in Council Districts 8  
and 11 (202474449-02 (202159514-02) No change to  
contract duration.