Business, Arts, Workforce,  
Climate & Aviation Services  
Wednesday, May 29, 2024, 1:30 PM  
Chair: Chris Hinds, Vice Chair Diana Romero Campbell  
Members: Kevin Flynn, Stacie Gilmore, Shontel M. Lewis, Sarah Parady, Jamie Torres  
Staff: Melissa Mata  
Consent Items  
Amends an intergovernmental agreement with Arapahoe County on behalf  
of Arapahoe/Douglas Works! to add $306,976 for a new total of  
$1,216,988 for the Technology Employment Colorado Partnership (TECP)  
program aimed at crafting replicable, holistic workforce strategies tailored  
for middle to high-skilled occupations across sectors like information  
technology, advanced manufacturing, and transportation. No change to  
contract duration (OEDEV-202158075-01/OEDEV-202370966-01).  
Council Bill 24-0691 was approved by consent  
Approves a purchase order with Canter & Associates for $1,131,527.92 to  
purchase chairs and transport dollies for use at the Colorado Convention  
Center, in Council District 10 (PO-00149768).  
Council Resolution 24-0696 was approved by consent  
Amends a lease agreement with Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) and  
Denver International Airport (DEN) to remove 63.5 sq ft of space in the  
Main Terminal and add a total of 672.1 sq ft of space on the ramp level of  
Concourse A, in Council District 11. No change to contract amount or  
length. (202160323/PLANE-202473225)  
Council Resolution 24-0697 was approved by consent