Land Use, Transportation &  
Infrastructure Committee  
Tuesday, July 2, 2024, 1:30 PM  
Chair: Amanda P. Sandoval, Vice-chair: Darrell Watson  
Members: Flor Alvidrez, Diana Romero Campbell, Chris Hinds, Paul Kashmann, Jamie Torres  
Staff: Luke Palmisano  
Consent Items  
Approves a contract with FCI Constructors, Inc., for $19,558,364 and a  
term of 602 days for the Swansea Recreation Center construction phase  
including the indoor pool addition and infrastructure updates, in Council  
District 9 (202473833).  
Council Resolution 24-0865 was approved by consent.  
Approves 38th and Huron Subdivision, a proposed Subdivision Plat  
located between West 38th Avenue and West 40th Avenue, and  
RTD/Railroad property and North Galapago Street, in Council District 9.  
Council Resolution 24-0866 was approved by consent.  
Approves a grant award with Colorado Department of Transportation for  
$1,700,000 and through 5-21-2034 for the FY24/25 Denver V2X  
Communication Devices to build on the ATCMTD program which collects  
Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPM), supports  
Active Traffic Demand Management (ATDM), and to expand the  
infrastructure’s interoperability, in Council Districts 2, 3, 10.  
Council Resolution 24-0867 was approved by consent.